Cover for clothes samples DS Range

  •  Covers for clothes samples.
  • The covers of DS Range are made:
    •  in TWO nylon QUALITIES.
  • The Ds Series Garment bag is manufactured in multiple sizes of height, 60-70…… 130-140-150… 200 cms. And in different colours: black, royal blue, red, navy blue, green,…
  • OPTIONALLY, you can order it with HANDLES, BACK POCKET for catalogues, or CARD SEWN.
  • We offer the POSSIBILITY to PERSONALIZE them with the COMPANY LOGO by means of embroidery, silkscreen or DIGITAL stamping.
  • There are 3 clips sizes available: 37, 40 and 45 cms.
  • You can CUSTOMIZE them with the COMPANY LOGO.
  • Available colours

  • This product is made to customer measure.


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  • This closure allows use of any METAL HOOK HANGER, but CANNOT BE USED with a PLASTIC HOOK HANGER.
  • The amount of hangers that can enter in this cover depends on the thickness of the garment and the hanger.

This order is manufactured to the customer’s specifications.  Ask for your budget here.

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Weight 1 kg